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Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human-like appearances or qualities to plants, inanimate objects, things, nature, concepts or anything other than a human being.
Anthropomorphism has existed in Japan since ancient times, as illustrated in the history of nature worship and idolization based on the tenet of the multiple god belief system that "there is a soul residing in all things in the universe."

Flash forward to the 21st century. Even in this age of rapidly progressing scientific technology and information networks, anthropomorphism remains a part of the Japanese psyche, though the form and expressions have changed. (most especially in terms of relationships toward fictional characters (moe).)
This project aims to spotlight those expressionists who pour their heart and soul into "Modern Gijinka" within the world of cosplay.
For those who want to know more about this project or Gijinka, please see "What is Anthropomorphism?".

・Persons of any age or nationality can apply.
・Submissions will be accepted 24 hours a day from May 1~June 30 Japan time (GMT +9).
We will only accept applications through the online entry form found on our website.
・Only self-made costumes that have never been submitted to any other contest will be accepted as contest entries.
・Creations can be submitted in groups of one, with the creator as the model, or in groups of two where a person other than the creator acts as the model.
・Submission must fit into the following theme. Any submissions that do not fit into the acceptable theme will be disqualified by the management board.


All submissions will be judged on the categories of "full body photo," "free-style photo," "character name," and "character description (200 characters)."
We would like you to creatively showcase your original Gijinka character using the above categories.
Aside from the photographs, the creativity of the character name and description will also be judged.

Judging will be carried out in the following manner.

World Gijinka Category
A special panel of judges will select the grand prize winner through popular vote.

The following will outline the contest process from the gathering submissions to the determination of the grand prize winner.

These will begin as soon as the contest is posted on our website.

Submissions will not be accepted after June 30 Japan time (GMT +9).

We will introduce the submitted entries on our website beginning on July 3rd.

We will announce the top scoring entries and present the awards on stage at the World Cosplay Summit 2013 to be held at Nagoya Oasis 21 on August 3rd.

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